Who is the Messiah?

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According to Jewish though the Messiah must fulfil certain conditions

These are as follows:

•           He must have the correct  genealogy and be in the line of  David the King of Israel

•           The Messiah needs to be an anointed king of Israel

•           There has to be a returning of  the Jewish people  to the Land of their Forefathers i.e. Israel

•           There must, according to Jewish thought, the  rebuilding of the Temple

•           A Messiah would need to bring an everlasting peace and there needs to be an end to all wars and battles.

•           Finally there needs a realization of  Hashem to the whole of the world

Many teachers of the past have predicted only when  someone has  completed  six of these key factors the world will know for sure that this would be the  Messiah.

Thus the Messiah will be a human. Many teachers of the passed such as the Rabbi Moses ben-Maimon known as Maimonides 1135  - 1204, are amongst many who thought  that Yesha is not and cannot be the Messiah as He doesn’t fit within any of these 6 categories.


We can consider some points that can contradict the views that Yeshua cannot be the Messiah

•           First of all it is virtually impossible for anyone of today to provide a genealogy which is able to go  back to King David.

•           If the Messiah is to be king over Israel and be in the line of David, there would need to be someone with authority to anoint him King. And as so far if we take the different groups of Jews today such as the Orthodox, the Reformed, the Secular, the Ashkenazi the Sephardi ect, we cannot even contemplate how difficult it would for a Messiah to be accepted to be king by any or all of the Jewish people.

•           As there are already Jewish people in Israel should we expect the Messiah to return all the Jews to Israel? And if this is so should we  make the present borders larger so to make room for them?

•           The Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa mosques is the only site where the Temple can be rebuilt and it is out of bounds as it is occupied by the Islamic community. To rebuild the Jewish Temple would cause great anger to the entire Muslim world. We can’t even fathom what catastrophic events this would cause.

•           The latter would In  affect start a war and not bring peace

•           How will there be knowledge of God in all Nations?  Are there going to be Gentiles who are going to become Torah observant? Are they going to carry on in their different religions? If this is the case then we can see that all of these contradict Judaism.

•           How can a mere mortal leader be capable of doing all this? If someone is going to claim to be the Messiah who has come to save the world, rebuild the Temple, and bring peace and the knowledge of God to the world, what happens when he has completed the job, and eventually dies because he is only a mortal leader. Is it then going to be possible to keep the peace and knowledge of God? What about sin. Can a mere mortal be sinless?

There are prophecies which point towards the Messiah ruling with power on earth and bringing about redemption of Israel, where there will be no more war and knowledge of God Universally.There is also prophecies within Ezekiel 40 – 48, Daniel 2:44, Zechariah 14 hich point towards a rebuilding of the Temple.

But there is another  group of prophecies which suggest that the Messiah will be  'cut off, 'pierced' and will suffer for what the Bible says will be an  atonement for sin.

This can be seen the book of Isaiah 52:13-53.12, the book of Daniel 9:25-26,and  the book of Zechariah 12:10. Isaiah 53 speaks of the suffering 'Servant' where the  LORD has laid 'the iniquity of us all' and that 'for the transgression of my people he was stricken.'

The prophet  Daniel 9.25-6, prophesied that the  'Messiah' will be 'cut off and yet not for himself. He will be put to death and yet not for His own sins.

This is actually prophesied before the Second Temple is destroyed by the Roman Empire approximately 71CE. In Zechariah 12.10, the scripture tells us that Israel which was which was in a  time of conflict over the South which was Jerusalem,  will look to one who 'has been pierced' and they will  mourn for Him 'as for an only Son.' This is the one they will find redemption and deliverance through.

Now as there were two different portrayals of the Messiah, the third century CE brought the idea of two Messiahs. One of these was the Messiah ben Joseph, who should suffer and die; and another one was the Messiah ben David who shall reign in power. This was to complement the idea a suffering Messiah and an idea a reigning Messiah, which the writes of the Talmudists saw in the scriptures.

It is the suffering Messiah who is given the name 'Son of Joseph'. This is because he suffers rejection and humiliation.  The reigning Messiah is given the name The 'Son of David' as the title given to the Messiah that reigns. This is  due to the fact that he reigns in triumph like King David.

The notion of the idea of the Suffering Servant Messiah has been taken out and or not acknowledged. Scriptures  like Isaiah 53 are seen to be  Israel's sufferings, and doesn’t according to the teachers of the law relate to the sufferings of the Messiah.

There are however,  passages in Jewish literature which show that this has not always been written in stone. There have been  Jewish commentators which have seen the 'Suffering Servant' to be the criteria of the  'Messiah'

A prayer, written by Rabbi Eliezer Kalir was a payer  for the afternoon service of Yom Kippur approximately in the  7th century, and in it he quotes from Isaiah 53 and connects this passage of Isaiah 53 to the Messiah who 'takes  our sin' and who has 'departed from us'.

As Messianic Jews we believe that Yeshua actually fitted into the around 500 prophecies which point towards an anointed one. The Messiah came 2000 years ago an will return to the Mount of Olives. This same Messiah will come again.

The return will happen at a  time of tribulation and conflict. It will be the time of a the Messianic Kingdom. He will reign with power from Jerusalem. He will also bring an end to war and Israel and the nations will have a full knowledge of who God is.

So we can see that on this level  He will fulfil the prophecies which say there will be a  Reigning King Messiah.

If we want to have a relationship with God we need to repent and turn to Yeshua the Messiah.

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