Binyamin Shop

Binyamin Shop

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The shop is a good way to show care and help people practically. We reach out to many people through the Ministry. We also give work to people as a way to help those in need.  We want to create a community within a community where people feel cared for. We are able to talk with people about their problems and offer a coffee or a chat if needed. We  are helping many people through the Ministry on the High Street that would have not been possible before.

We have taken on a young man who lost both parents at 13. He works once a week and gets paid plus is living at our house.

This is one of many that we will be reaching in the Ministry

G'd wants people to reach their  full potential in whatever capacity that is. He never turned away anyone. He wants us to go that extra mile for that one individual.

Every Sunday evening we run a Bible study and prayer for individual needs


  1. Date: April 5, 2016
    Author: Clare Shinebourne

    This is so wonderful, congratulations! I plan to visit as soon as possible. God bless xxxx

  2. Date: June 13, 2017
    Author: Ron and Eileen Baer

    We are a Jewish couple that visited your ministry shop in Golder's Green and where greeted so graciously. We were offered a cup of tea and talked together for some time. We have never experienced a whole food store like Binyamin and left with a feeling of warm friendship. We will be back to visit again. May God bless you and your ministry

  3. Date: November 12, 2017
    Author: Sara Bersuker

    What a great place to visit! It's warmth and friendliness are outstanding! G'ds hand is there! Congratulations and be greatly Blessed!


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