Reaching the Jewish people and the Lost

Reaching the Jewish people and the Lost

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Through the  High street Ministry we come into contact with Jewish people, Non Jewish people, people from all different nationalities and backgrounds. Our aim is to reach out to whoever is in need. We have taken the hospitailty that we were blessing people with at our house to the on street Ministry. G'd loves mankind and wants us to extend our hand to every individual that He brings to us. He is a G'd of love and His compassion extends to all


Benjamin and Chiara Hersh


Binyamin Ministries

  1. Date: June 13, 2013
    Author: Ron Baehr

    Dear Benjamin and Chiara, Just a quick Mazel tov on your website. May you bear much fruit in your faithful and humble ministry during these very troublesome and fearful times that the enemy of our soul is causing. Eileen and I are standing with you, let us know if there is a special need. Continue to stay strong in the Lord with the faithful guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh. Remember, God's holy family of sons and daughters, who He loves dearly, will last FOREVER with Him. God's best Blessings to you both, Your friend, Ron

  2. Date: June 17, 2013

    Dear Eileen and Ron Thank you so much for your encouragement. Have a blessed day Love to you both Shalom Blessings in Yeshua Benjamin and Chiara


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