He came to set the captive free

He came to set the captive free

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So many people in our society  today are hurting and sometimes need a kind word and reaching out to in a practical way. Coming from a Jewish background we  realize the theological importance  of reaching Jewish people, but also we realize how important it is to reach the hurting and the lost as well Jewish and non Jewish alike. Those who are rejected and lonely need help in a practical way.  Our vision for Binyamin Ministries is  to reach not only Jewish people, but the hurting, the lost and the lonely. This is what we do and have been doing for the past seven  years that we have been in Ministry.  Y'shua came to set those who are in bondage free. He extended His hand to the lost and the people that society had given up on,  and yet these are the very people that G'd came for.

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