Binyamin Ministries
Binyamin Ministries
6 Ashbourne Parade  NW110AD
 To have Benjamin Hersh come to speak at your Church, Messianic congregation or fellowship to  give:
     -  Talks on Yeshua in the Passover
     -  Yeshua in the  Jewish Festivals
     -  Testimony and Song
     -  Concert of Messianic Singing and Piano
     -  Classical Recital with incorporating a Testimony  
     -  Seminars on Reaching the Jewish people and the lost
     -  The Biblical Response to Healing
     -  Hebrew Bible and New Testament Theology 
     -  Delivering a Sermon on a Sunday Service

Please call us on 07806768767
or email us at

And if you would like to know more about Binyamin Ministries, please  feel free to contact us any time by phone, e.mail or through Binyamin Ministries  contact form. It would be a blessing to hear from you.



Benjamin and Chiara