CCM Newsletter & Prayer Diary Geoff Howlett Review on the Album Fulfilled Promise CD by Benjamin Hersh

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It must have taken a great belief for a Jewish man to go against his own family tradition and declare his faith as a Christian. But, that is exactly what classically trained pianist, Benjamin Hersh did. He and his wife, are currently establishing a ministry, after having worked with the Jewish people for many years through street evangelism, hospitality and building long term relationships. This album of messianic praise will  not be to everyone’s taste, as many of the songs are sung in Hebrew, an no English translation is given on the sleeve notes. However, from the songs that I could lyrically understand, Benjamin attempts, with some success, to tell some of Jesus’ story. For instance, ‘Oh What Pain You Suffered’, although a little long in length, tells the story of the crucifixion with real depth in the vocals. With just his piano playing for accompaniment, he waxes lyrical on the subject of the people of Israel crying out for a Saviour, on the song ‘A Cry From the Desert’. Of the Hebrew sung songs, I thought that ‘Hine Ma Tov’ (based on Psalm 133:1) sounded like a lament rather than my translation of brethren gathering in unity. However, I am not an authority on Hebrew, and stand to be corrected. ‘Oh Zion’ actually seems to be a little repetitive and is quite a listen at nearly 17 minutes long. What I had to do with this release, is to remember that it IS messianic praise, and that it is aimed, primarily, at Jewish people. Therefore, it’s not going to race away to the Top of any Christian charts.

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