Benjamin Hersh Album Fufilled Promise Reviewed by Tony Cummings in 2013

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For years I've been listening to the Messianic worship albums that pour out of America and in the majority of cases have found them over-produced. Hebraic music has a plaintive, haunting quality that gets lost when smothered with layers of lush orchestration. So when I first approached this album - a rare Messianic album recorded in the UK - I expected very little. But from the acappella intro on the opener "Oh What Pain You Suffered" I was captivated. Here was the plaintive sound of music surely much nearer to the offerings of the original psalmists than all those florid, over-theatric American albums. Not that casual listeners or those not steeped in the Jewish tradition will find 'Fulfilled Promise' an easy listen. Whole passages are sung in Hebrew and the only musical accompaniment is Benjamin's piano. Also, several of the songs here are rather long while I'm not sure that the inclusion of Chopin's "Nocturne In C Sharp Minor" as the closer works very well in the context of all that has gone before. But such is the ability of Benjamin to sing in equal mixtures of melancholia and joy that it will reward all those prepared to invest in this example of unadorned Messianic worship.


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